From 2007 - 2011 I worked exclusively as a self-taught jewellery designer/maker, specialising in eco-friendly materials. After a brief stint designing for highstreet retailers and finding it far too limiting, I resolved to make a success out of my own independent label. During that time I learnt exactly what it takes to sell online; from marketing to product photography and merchandising. It was a fast-paced education in DIY digital marketing which serves me to this today.

In 2011 hired me to write for their blog and manage their UK social media accounts. By that time my jewellery business was so successful that I was starting to feel like a one person sweatshop. I slowly phased out jewellery design/making as I moved through the ranks at Etsy, finally heading up the European Merchandising team. It was here that I gained experience in curation and marketing on a much larger scale. I selected seasonal handmade products from’s thousands of European sellers for the homepage, email marketing campaigns and even physical spaces such as trade shows and galleries, including the Tate.

Although I’m no longer making jewellery, I still hugely value my time making non-digital things with my hands. I listen to inspirational material while I make, and experience these moments as restorative and meditational. I share many of these creations on my Instagram account.



2008 - 2011. Click to enlarge.



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